Notes From an Online Sound Healing Summit — 7/16 — Lee Harris

Parag Shah
3 min readMay 8, 2019
Photo by William Farlow on Unsplash

The seventh interview in the Sacred Science of Sound online summit was with Lee Harris.

Lee is an intuitive healer, channeler, and musician. He’s been a channeler for over fourteen years. Lee is working to change the vibrational frequency in people’s hearts and souls.

Lee has experienced the power of music to get people into their feeling space — the space of their souls. He says, music is a container; it elevates.

This interview had a strong emphasis on empaths — probably because Lee is also an empath.

According to him, empaths somatize other people’s issues and suffer because they don’t realize that the energy of the room (and other people) is affecting them negatively. Empaths are natural cleaners. They go into other people’s energies or rooms and clean the space. But because of this, empaths often become hostage to other people issues. The empath who remains untouched from everyone else’s emotions will often work with energy and help people become more conscious about themselves.

Because an empath is so often feeling and even processing other people’s energy, at some point this causes an energetic overload and confusion. It becomes difficult for an empath to distinguish their own natural energy from the energies that they picked up from others. This sense of losing one’s self is very disturbing. As a result, empaths are often drawn to narcissists because they seem to have such a strong sense of self. Unfortunately, with the way the world is right now, most empaths have to deal with lack of love, lack of care, and multiple heart-breaks.

In addition to this, introverted empaths often run other people’s energies through their body and need to learn to drive their own life instead of being driven by the energies of others. Empaths have to go through a lot of healing for themselves before they can decide how to help others with their healing gifts.

Cleansing their energy and feeding the light is as important as food and bath for empaths.

Lee said that we should not demonize anger because it’s an energy that moves through. From my own personal experience, I totally agree. In every empath’s life, a time will come when they become disgusted with the energies they are taking on. This disgust will naturally result in anger. Don’t demonize the anger. This anger is a messenger. It’s telling you that something is horribly out of alignment. Allow the anger to motivate you to move the crap out of your field and to set-up healthy boundaries. Then the anger will have served its purpose and will leave you automatically. Music is a great way to move the crap — but begin with an intention.

Lee has used specific songs to move emotion and energy. He plays the same song for an hour or two and it becomes his own personal healing session.

Lee says that he sees a lot of people changing very fast and more and more people are needed to hold space for others. Show up, go through the garbage, and reclaim your true self.

Photo by Eugenia Maximova on Unsplash

And when you are done reclaiming your true self, be a way shower for others like you and lovingly hold space for them!!!

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