Notes From an Online Sound Healing Summit — 3/16 — Eileen McKusick

Parag Shah
4 min readApr 30, 2019
Jeralyn Glass interviewing Eileen McKusick

The third interview Jeralyn did in the Sacred Science of Sound online summit was with Eileen McKusick.

Eileen McKusick has spent the last 22 years bouncing sound off people and listening to the signal that comes back. In the process, she has mapped a territory that has been hidden in plain view- the human biofield. She is the originator of the groundbreaking sound therapy method Biofield Tuning, the author of the multiple award-winning, best selling book — Tuning the Human Biofield, and the founder of the non-profit research organization, the Biofield Tuning Institute.

Sound Healing

According to Eileen, sound is the most ancient healing modality. It’s all about resonance and entrainment. When we listen to a sound, we automatically entrain to it. Entraining to certain sounds can increase your inner light and electricity. It can iron out energy blocks and raise the vibrational frequency at the cellular level.

The Human Biofield

Eileen explained that our biofield (the aura or energy around us) stores, with information, of all the traumas we have experienced in this lifetime. In he r experience she has found that the information is also stored in concentric rings where the outer edge is early/inception experience and the inner field consists of more recent experiences. This information can be read by an experienced therapist using a tuning fork.

When Eileen began working with tuning forks, she had sonar-like experiences where she could feel into the signal that came back from the tuning forks when they connected with a human. She could hear the emotions and traumas that the person was dealing with, in the overtones and undertones generated by the tuning fork.

The traumas that are still present in the biofield are unprocessed emotions. They affect every moment of our life by creating a certain dissonance. The discomfort is probably by design because it is a red flag, a signal to inform us that something needs attention. However, along with the dissonance, we also have an inner harmony that we can get to and find refuge in by ironing out the dissonance. According to her, once we get the charge out, we can start really living.

Tuning forks are wonderful devices for ironing out the charge. And because tuning forks produce an infinite amount of overtones and undertones, they work on physical, emotional, and ancestral levels.

Two Simple Practices to Heal

According to Eileen, our problems mostly come from two sources: dissonance and low energy. Along with working with a tuning fork, she describes two very simple processes to heal:

  1. Reclaim your ability to sing and find your own tonal sound.
  2. Inhale and do a sighing exhale. This will discharge the vagus nerve and bring immediate relief to the nervous system.

Healing with a Tuning Fork

As Eileen mentioned before, a trained therapist will be able to detect energy blocks and areas where traumas are stored by listening to the feedback as she moves the tuning fork around your body. Once the blocks are detected, the therapist can work with the vibrations of the tuning fork to iron out the blocked energy.

Tuning forks also work with chakras, because, everywhere there is a chakra there is a nerve plexus. Any blockage in the chakra will be picked up by the tuning fork.

In addition to removing energy blocks, rubbing a tuning fork over the body breaks up fascia knots to reduce weight and feel younger. Eileen was able to reduce her own weight by working for about 5 mins/day with the 12th harmonic of the Schuman Hz. According to Eileen, doing this will also encourage healthy cell division.

Tuning forks can also help us establish a deeper connection with our body. This is especially important if you are dealing with trauma because when we undergo trauma there is a tendency to zone out of the body. This impedes the way our muscles fire. However, rubbing a tuning fork over the body will help the muscles fire properly assisting someone suffering from dissonance to come back into the body.

Auto-Immune Disorders

Eileen has worked with several clients who were suffering from auto-immune disorders. She found that they were often divided in themselves. There is a sense of self but also an inner critic. Such a person also has low energy levels — which (IMO) is not surprising because most likely the energy also gets divided.

My own personal experience has been similar. I have been dealing with Crohns disease from the past two decades and I have a very strong inner critic and have often felt divided within myself. In my opinion, if this issue is shoved under the rug for too long then the sense of self diminishes as the inner-critic gains more power over time.

Eileen’s advice to people suffering from auto-immune disorders is to speak our truth. When we allow our natural emotions to come to the surface instead of suppressing them we automatically recharge our battery. She recommends recharging more often, having fun, being yourself, and learn to conserve your energy.

Eileen’s Vision

I loved it when she spoke about her vision for humanity and Mother Gaia. Eileen wants to use the power of music to awaken people. She also has a vision to create an anthem which many people can sing at the same time to heal themselves, the planet, and create a warp in the matrix. I love the part of creating a warp in the matrix :-)

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