Notes From an Online Sound Healing Summit — 1/16 — Dr. Sue Morter

Parag Shah
3 min readApr 13, 2019


Photo by Przemyslaw Marczynski on Unsplash

A few months back, I attended an online sound healing summit called Sacred Science of Sound. The summit was organized by Jeralyn Glass who is herself an accomplished classical singer and crystal bowl healer. She did sixteen interviews with doctors, sound healers, and musicians. All of them taught me something new in my own journey of learning how to heal with sound.

I’d like to share what I learned — my biggest takeaways — from these interviews over the next sixteen posts.

The first interview Jeralyn did was with Dr. Sue Morter. I have summarized my own understanding and takeaways from the interview, below. I hope you find it helpful in your own journey of healing and finding more about your multi-dimensional self.

Dr. Sue mentioned that in the higher dimensions all of us are sound, color, and sacred geometry. However, our consciousness gets veiled due to limiting beliefs and we get caught up in the world of names and forms thinking it to be the only world possible. This is not something that she read in a spiritual book, but rather she had a clear experience of her own multi-dimensional self where she saw herself as sacred geometry, light, and sound.

Most of us hold some form of limiting beliefs. These beliefs, are to a large extent, held in the thinking/analyzing mind and manifest as blocked energy. Sound vibrations help move blocked energy as well as still the part of our mind that runs around like a chicken cackling all the time, adding to our anxiety and dismay. Therefore, sound is one of the ways by which we can cross the veil to our greater self. This is why we are so attracted to music and mantras.

Another problem that we face in current times is that a lot of us have become disconnected from our own bodies. It is as if we are living disembodied lives. This can happen due to a number of reasons — trauma being one of them. Not being embodied creates a lot of anxiety, often without even knowing it. I can attest to this from my own experience of being energetically disconnected from my body and being solely in the mind for a really long time. She describes a process called central channel breathing that can help us live a more embodied life and be more connected with our own life essence — our Shakti. Dr. Sue has recently published a book — The Energy Codes — where she describes this and other processes to come back to a state of health and wholeness.

According to Dr. Sue, we manifest through our mouth and throat which is the place between our Divine vision (the third eye) and the Heart. She did not explain the process, but here’s an alternate process that I learned from my teacher, Raja Choudhary: You imagine something (possibly a specific kind of wellness for yourself) in the third eye for some time, then bring the image into your heart, and chant the mantra Shreem.

Jeralyn and Dr. Sue discussed several other things in the interview — but these are my main takeaway points. I hope you find it useful. Peace and healing to you!!!