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How Breathwork and Affirmations Help Highly Sensitive People Clear Their Mind

And Shield Their Energy

Clear Your Mind and Energy with 20 Continuous Breaths

Yogis and mystics have used breathwork for millennia in their spiritual practice. There are different techniques for working with the breath and, very often, they are used for different goals. What I’m about to show you is a simple technique that involves continuous breathing to clear the clutter from your mind and energy.

Shield Your Energy with Affirmations

Clearing the mind and energy is the first step of the process. Protecting them from unwanted impressions is the second step of this two-step process of clearing and shielding. There are many shielding techniques. I’ll share the one that has worked for me.

Protect Yourself and Your Gift with Regular Practice

Remember, you have the gift of feeling and healing others. It’s a beautiful gift as long as you don’t get so caught up with others’ problems that you ignore yourself. Your spirit, body, mind, and emotions as sacred. Take good care of them.



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