Creating a Self-Profile With My Writer Archetypes

Parag Shah
2 min readAug 6, 2020

Day 5/31: Blog Your Own Book Challenge

This is my fifth post for the Blog Your Own Book Challenge. In the previous post and the one before that, I wrote about two 'Writer Archetype' quizzes I took that helped me understand my writer personality in a much better way.

I felt it would be a good exercise to combine results from both the quizzes and create a writer profile for myself.

Unified Profile — Combining the Archetypes

This is what I got when I combined the results from both tests.

Spiller — Teacher, Non-confirming Model-Citizen, and aspiring Story — Teller.

I combined traits of all these individual categories to create a unified profile.

This is someone, who as a Spiller, loves to be authentic in their writing. Authenticity is also their shining light. As a Teacher, this person enjoys sharing what they know. They are also well-read and brimming with ideas. Being a Model-Citizen makes them well organized in their research and writing process as well as in the way they present their articles. They like to fact check and back their work with proper research. They are capable of writing clear, concise, and to the point articles prose. The non-conforming side of this person inclines them to a rich inner life with a tendency towards humor and sarcasm.

Upon further self-reflection, I feel fairly certain that this is a good representation of what I am as a writer. I’m glad I did this exercise of going outwards, doing the quizzes, and gaining a better understanding of myself. Now, I want to go within and validate what I have learned, by feeling my way through this profile. That’s the topic of my next post.