Photo by Skyler King on Unsplash

Pure aspiration in the subtle realms,

Cascades as desire in the physical,

But before that, it must pass through the human mind,

Where it fights a thousand battles with demons of conditioned thoughts,

If only it can make that passage uninterrupted,

It will be held with raw intensity and love,

Without fear or grasping.

If the aspiration is fortunate to be thus cradled,

It will manifest as truth,

My truth, your truth, universal truth,

Blazing from the very depth of the way-shower’s soul.



Is it really a virtue to be useful to others?

“We must strive to be useful to others” or some variant of this message is often mentioned as a high virtue. But is it really a high virtue?

Does a rose bloom to be useful or does it bloom because that’s what it is and by being itself it automatically gives joy to those who find its fragrance beautiful.

Does a banyan tree intent to be useful to others or is it just being itself and people and animals find shade and shelter because of the natural roof it creates?

Is a cuckoo trying to be useful when it sings its song or is it just celebrating life and we join the celebration and enjoy its song?

I suspect that these wonderful creations of nature are just being themselves and it is humanity that derives the usefulness.



I’m binging on flash-reads. After completing a 17-page book yesterday, I just finished reading an 8-page book — “A Train Story”.

The story is about a bright young lady from a small town on her way to a big city for a job interview. The past few years haven’t been kind to her and she’s beginning to feel that with fate conspiring against her, she stands little chance at creating a life that reflects her true potential.

But like all wonderful people who misjudge their true greatness, she’s wrong. The outer journey leads to an inner journey which leads her to recognize her own greatness and fortitude.

It’s a beautiful story of self-empowerment told in a unique style. I enjoyed it despite the few typos that could have been avoided.

(Note: The book link in the first line is an affiliate link.)